Follow ALL Aftercare Instructions for Genital Piercings

I just got a message from a woman I pierced a few weeks ago. She was given written and verbal instructions warning her to avoid sharing bodily fluids during the entire healing period. This is a reminder to everyone to FOLLOW ALL OF THE AFTERCARE GUIDELINES FOR THE ENTIRE MINIMUM INITIAL HEALING TIME! For the piercing she got, a VCH, I suggested 4-6 weeks as the minimum initial healing time:

Hey Elayne,

On 2/17, I had a VCH piercing done by you in Philly.  The piercing was healing really well and I thought it was healed too soon.  I always kept it clean with Provon, but never over-cleaned.  The piercing never came into contact with dirty hands and I always used paper tissue to dry.  Though, two weeks after I got the piercing, I had unprotected ORAL sex and the piercing may have been slightly abused.  I also didn't clean it immediately.  Unfortunately, then after it became sore and it swelled.  I began doing warm salt water soaks & it helped subdue the swelling.  Though it hasn't gotten any better and now I'm worried because there is a yellowish discharge coming from the piercing site.  It's very uncomfortable, but I've been dealing with it because I know it's my fault!  AND I love the piercing.  I really don't want to take it out.  Please HELP! K.

Hi K.,

Well, I won't lecture you as I can see that it was a self-punishing experience. You probably need to visit your doctor; you may need antibiotic treatment or some other kind or medication, depending on your diagnosis.

How often are you able to do the saline soaks? You may want to try a few extra each day as that may help with drainage.

Please keep me posted.


Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
Medical Liaison, Association of Professional Piercers


Hello! i got a VCH piercing for about 5 months ago and it has been fine up until a few days ago. I noticed a small white bump right above the top bar. i am very nervous and want to know what it is. The bump doesnt hurt only when i touch it, but im not sure of what it is it jus came out of nowhere. im sure the piercing is healed already (well atleast i hope). i wash that area daily and i try my best not to touch it bc i dont wana irritate the bump. Can you please Help me!! i want to know if its infected? should i drain it? should i see a piercer or my obgyn ? i need some kind of answer. Thank you for your time.


Feel free to send some photos to me at [email protected] I can't really evaluate you without seeing it, or at least some photos.

I would suggest checking in with your piercer, and he or she can let you know whether you should see a doctor.


I'm very new to the piercing thing i had nipple rings about 2months back they didnt heal so i took them out that was sad but i had to, i dont know if my body didn't accept the surgical steel but i done every thing they told me to for after care. I now want a clitoral ring but im scared after the nipple rings any advice on this matter please.


Kind Regards


Femal nipple piercings take 6-9 months or longer to heal. Did you expect them to be healed in 2 months? If so, you were not provided with accurate information. Was the suggested care the same as what you will find under the Piercing navigation tab above?

What made you think something was wrong? Why did you remove the jewelry? If you get high quality jewelry and care for your piercings properly, complications are not common.