Fine Frenum, Good Guiche!

I received this great message from an old client who I'd pierced many years ago. It is so great to hear from people who really enjoy the piercings I've done for them!

Hi. My name is Steve. 15, 16 some odd years ago you performed a frenum on me at Rings of Desire. It was shortly after you opened the shop, 2 months or so. First of all I would like to thank you for that piercing. I can not express how much I have enjoyed it over the years. After years of thinking about it, I finally decided to get a guiche. The problem has been that for the last 10 or so years I've been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and frankly, nobody here was qualified to perform the procedure. I have studied and developed my pc muscles for years, and I don't need some spring break eye brow and belly button jockey messing with my junk. My first choice was you of course, but that wasn't going to happen for a variety of reasons (I hope you are enjoying your retirement). My second choice was going to one of your apprentices. The closest one to me is in Houston, that's a long drive. I found your Rings of Desire website the referral page, and discovered Jason King right here in Oklahoma City. I talked to him on the phone a few times, and decided he was the one to do it. Anywho.. I drove to OKC saturday night, got a hotel, and Mr. King preformed the guiche sunday afternoon. I stayed over night and drove back to Tulsa this morning. It was a bit of a difficult drive, but only because the roads here were made out of oatmeal, and are very rough on your suspension. Jason did a fantastic job, and he was very pleased with me also, I didn't flinch at all. I'm not the hardest of the hardcore. I only have 4 piercings. Both nipples, my frenum of course (once again, thank you) and now the guiche. My piercings aren't for show, they are for go ;). So in closing, thank you once again. For your work, for your guidance, for just being you.

My reply: Hi Steve, Thanks so much for the great message. It is wonderful to hear that you are enjoying your piercing so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me about that, and also to fill me in on your positive experience with Jason at 23rd Street Body Piercing. He's a dear friend and a great piercer! By the way, I'm not really retired; though I don't have a studio where I live in Mexico, I do travel regularly and pierce. My next visit will be to Austin from March 12-14 at Industrial Primitives. So feel free to let anybody know who might be interested in booking an appointment. If you'd like to be notified when I plan piercing travels, please sign up for my newsletter here: It is an "opt in" list, so I can't add you to the list--you need to add yourself. Wishing you all wonderful things for 2010! Take care, Elayne austin