GREAT Review!

I just found this fantastic review of The Piercing Bible on a Aniareads weblog about body modification:
There are only few books on body piercing out there, so each new addition, especially when it’s a good one, is welcome. That’s the case with ‘The Piercing Bible. The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing’ by Elayne Angel, a well-known female body piercer who got her education in the Gauntlet and witnessed all the changes body modification scene has been undergoing during the last few decades. The book is divided in 7 parts (table of contents here) discussing the most basic information about the various types of body piercing, their procedures, healing and aftercare. Now and then there are included some anecdotes from Angel’s own experiences, interesting pieces of information about history of body piercing and people’s experiences and opinions about body piercings they got done themselves. The Bible is addressed primarily to the piercees, both these who already have some body piercing experiences under their belt and those who are about to enter the world of body modification but professionals may also find it useful. With her vast experience, international fame and all other ‘cool’ icing, Angel’s tone throughout the book is, however, very friendly and always customer-directed/oriented – it’s obvious that her customers’ well-being is always her priority and main concern. She understands her customers’ doubts, fears and problems that may appear after the procedure and initial healing, so she provides as detailed picture of body piercing with all responsibilities, possible problems and solutions as possible. And even maybe there’s too much space devoted to the basic piercing procedures (such as ear/navel/tongue that are pretty common these days and seem to be so easy), we should keep in mind that one of Angel’s goals here was to create a reference book that could show the prospective piercees what to expect and look for at a shop of their choice. What I especially like about this book is:
  • Information on material used for body piercing jewelry;
  • Useful tips for healing and stretching (e.g. the t-shirt-trick, stretching by means of taping);
  • Overview of the tools used for body piercing and various types of jewelry (on an interesting side, Angel acknowledges differences in American and European terminology);
  • Appendixes with a few useful charts (a piercee’s bill of rights, piercings and jewelry chart, gauge conversion chart and minimum healing time chart).
After having read this book I have a nice feeling of knowing more than before and having my knowledge so much more organized. Definitely recommendable! Angel Elayne, The Piercing Bible, Crossing Press 2009.
Wow! That sure put a big smile on my face.

Ah, I see you already found it. Did you twig that this person is in Poland? She said she would translate the review into Polish and post it at her friend's tattoo shop.

Your the only one that could write this book. I cant wait to see it........ Take care Kevin