Question From A Piercer

Hi, my name is Jake. I pierce at a shop in North Everett, Washington. I must say, every time we get a Pain magazine the first thing i do is flip right to your article and get my learn on. Yesterday, I went to hang out with a good friend of mine, Troy Amundson, he said I should shoot you an email. Sorry, if I am bothering you or if there is a better way to get a hold of you, please let me know. I just had one small question. I pierce right handed, and as a piercer I have been growing a lot (especially with the help of Troy), I realize, its time for me to learn to pierce left handed, so I can approach some piercings in a better manner. Troy said that he had practiced on leather, I've done that, I was just wondering if maybe you had any other suggestions to help maybe even build hand control or strength. Thank you soo much for your time and really its an honor just emailing you. Again, thank you. Jake Hi Jake, It is no trouble at all to reply. Thanks very much for the positive feedback--I hope that you find my articles to be helpful. It is better to reach me on my email, which I check much more frequently: [email protected] (but please respond to my spam filter from spamarrest, or your mail won't get to me). Anyway, as far as piercing goes, I'm a left handed piercer and do all of my piercings with the needle in my left hand. I do not believe that this has hampered my skills. Sometimes it takes a little adjustment of my position and/or the client's position, but it seems to work just fine. Some people are more ambidextrous than others, and if it seems like it wouldn't be hard to build your skill with your non-dominant hand, then it is simply a matter of practice. Working on leather or thick fabric can be helpful before you progress to the paying public. Maybe some of your friends can let you experiment on them as you work to develop your skills? As far as hand control and strength, you can practice and play with jewelry to gain strength and dexterity. You can open and close captive rings and insert beads in them without using tools, and work up to thicker gauges as you get stronger. Practice picking up and screwing together threaded jewelry in the smallest gauges without looking. Labret discs are good to practice with, too. Screw on barbell balls as tight as you possibly can, and then unscrew them again. You can make up little challenges for yourself like that to improve your ability to deal with jewelry. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask. And say hi to Troy for me when you see him next. Sincerely, Elayne

The best piercing to get depends on your anatomy as well as your personal preferences for stimulation. You can find more information here: much, much more in my book, The Piercing Bible.

I am considering a clittoral hood piercing, but I an undecided on whether horizontal or vertical. Any thoughts?