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Elayne Angel


I got my nipple peirced a day ago but ive realised that one side of the bar is through the areola and my nipple wont errect is this normal


Hello Elayne,

Last year my wife became interested in getting her first genital piercing. Her only other piercings are in her ears, and a retired navel ring. Since she didn't know quite where to start, I helped by diving into the research online. There is so much info out there about this subject, with much of it contradicting itself. It wasn't until I found your website did we feel we had a good grasp on the subject.

As a bonus, we discovered one of your piercer referrals was located right here in Worcester, Mass! Marc Williams at the Piercing Emporium was fantastic. His professional demeanor, skill, and easy going style really put my wife and me at ease. The VCH piercing healed so quickly, and it looks great too. My wife is very pleased, as am I.

Now that she is now contemplating what piercing(s) to add next to her genitals, we know just where to go for the right information and piercer. Thank you very much for the service you've provided.

Sincerely, James


Hi! I got my belly button pierced about a year ago and 3 weeks ago I got a spray tan and I took my belly ring out after the 12 hours of no showering I tries to put it back in and it wouldn't I tried soaking it in salt water but It didn't slide in. So now 3 weeks later I'm wondering if I should get it re pierced or wait for it to fully grow back because the top hole is still open but the bottom seems to be closed or the hole is really little. Thanks!

This isn't the best place for requesting advice, but I would suggest you go to a competent piercer ASAP and see if they can reinsert your jewelry using a tool called an insertion taper. Note that many body piercings are just like this: if you remove the jewelry even for a short time (sometimes just minutes), you may not be able to get it back in! Good luck.


I wanted to say a Huge thanks for all of the great information, it gave me a whole new perspective on female genital piercings. It was very empowering to say the least. I recently had my vch done by one of the Amazing piercer referral's, Jesse Villemaire at Thrive Studios in Cambridge Ontario and he was Great!! He was Very informative and made me feel Super comfortable. It was a very positive experience, I owe a Huge Thank You to Elayne for the abundant resources and spot on referral. I couldn't have asked for a more professional piercer!!


Hello, Missed You A Few Years Back. When Are You Coming To The Southeast Again?

Tahaira Ferrer

Hello Elayne,

It's been a month since I set my appointment with you for my VCH/Triangle at Infinite Body Piercing in Philly. I just want to say thank you... a million thank yous!! Your professionalism and knowledge are truly one of a kind. I'm very glad I did my homework and found you. I am healing well, doing my saline soaks and applying Emu Oil, as well as following all the guidelines in The Piercing Bible. I'll be stalking your calender just in case I'm so inclined for another round. Well wishes!



I had a piercing placement/problem consult with Elayne. She is very professional and yet extremely caring at the same time! I was really worried about the gauge that was used to pierce my nipples, but she really put my mind at ease with her expertise and understanding $10 is definitely worth having piece of mind about my new favorite jewelry!


Love the website! Quite informative for a novice to the piercing world! Thanks for taking the time to share!


I reached out to Elayne for an anatomy consultation using this site and following her instructions. I was hoping I would be a good candidate for a triangle piercing, but it appears I am not. Instead, it looks as if I'm suited to a VCH. I found it very comforting to be able to reach out, even at some distance, to an expert to be able to be steered in the right direction. Elayne was VERY prompt in responding and very thorough. All the questions I asked were answered. For the peace of mind in knowing what I should look for before I go to get pierced, the $10 for the consultation is well worth it. I also found the videos she's linked to be very helpful. Another $10 well spent to be sure I will get a piercing I enjoy and that is correctly placed. Many thanks for your awesome attitude and professional manner!


My name is Jess and I just got a VCH piercing from Marc Williams at Piercing Emporium in Massachusetts. When I was complementing him, he told me that if I really wanted to thank him I should email you! Today was my first time ever even entering a tattoo/piercing place, and I was pretty terrified. After all, I read on your websites all the ways it could go wrong! I drove an hour and a half each way to see Marc, and I would have driven double that in retrospect. He was extremely professional and didn't make me feel awkward at all having a strange man in that area. I asked him a boat load of questions, and each one he answered sincerely and thoroughly (even though I asked some of them twice). He walked me through every step in depth so I knew exactly what was going on. And everything was so clean - I swear he must've changed his gloves at least six times! Everything about the experience was great, and I would recommend him without a doubt.

Barbara Z.

Elayne: It was such as pleasure to meet with you yesterday (03-22-2014) in Philadelphia, PA . I have waited months for this appointment - after researching you & genital piercings in general for about three months prior to our meeting! however it was well worth the wait! Your professionalism, commitment to your craft & self Imposed Standards are nothing short of amazing (better than a hospital!!) . You truly love what you do! You treated me as if I was the only client you had that day - although there was a line out the door awaiting your services. You are more concerned about education, understanding, hygiene, cross contamination, after care & customer service - than the next client in the overcrowded waiting area! - and for that I thank You. You educated me (I wanted a triangle piercing but sadly was not a candidate) I was grateful that I could get the VCH - an I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! There were no surprises, no unanswered questions etc. You stated that I would have minimal bleeding (I did) swelling (I did), and bruising (I did) - what I did not have was ANY Pain & NO unanswered questions. It was like a 1.5 Second intense bee sting - however you prepared me by saying "Expect To Be Startled" - which in and of itself is Impossible. Also - "Relax & Breathe" I expected the pain to be unbearable - but I did not realize you were done until you....were done. In addition, Thank You for educating me on my questionable healing nipple piercing (NOT DONE BY YOU) I will take your advice and have the metals replaced. You are a GEM and a panacea in an industry shrouded by confusion. Thank You - Thank You Thank You. I'm sure I will See You again......

John M

Elayne, it was a great experience meeting you in LA last month! I had been anticipating getting my PA during the weeks leading up to my appointment, excited and wondering what the whole experience would be like. You were professional, friendly, and put me at ease. It was fast! Just a quick pinch and it was done. Had some bleeding for about 12 hours but having read your book and with your advice just prior to the piercing it was not unexpected and I could manage it OK. Two weeks later it's healing up quite nicely, I'm really enjoying having it. Not sure what I may pierce next but if/when that happens I would be happy to meet you again. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who might be considering a below the neck piercing! Thanks again!


Well...i said i would update on my new nipple piercings and i ended up NOT getting them done, However I did get my conch pierced and I love it. I got it done the first week in January and i have a double ball hoop. I had minor bleeding and the pain was equivalent to any cartilage piercing (IE my cartilage and my rook) I personally. if anyone has any questions regarding (Microdermals,Gential,tongue or ear piercings) Feel free to email me from a clients perspective.

P.S. This website is awesome!!!

Ray V.


I just wanted to thank you again for another absolutely incredible piercing experience!!! I waited nearly 30 years to have my earlobes and labret pierced. I'm sure you were tired of hearing about it, since I mentioned it every time you came to the LA area. Friday's experience was well worth waiting for! Much love and respect, forever and always!


Chuck B

My wife and I both got our first piercings (VCH and PA) on Feb. 1st when Elayne was in Dallas at Obscurities. We came in from out of town and made a weekend of it. We are both delighted with her work! Her friendliness and professionalism immediately relaxed us. It was great to to have the how and why of what she was going to do so clearly explained ahead of time -- also to not have any worries about the jewelry material. It's been two and half weeks now and both of our piercings are healing wonderfully (the emu oil really works). They are already fun (but do follow her instructions) and it's just going to get better. You can just tell when something has been done right.

Thanks again, Elayne....I wouldn't be surprised if we see you again!


Elayne did my triangle piercing almost a year after doing my first piercing which is a VCH. I was very nervous about the triangle piercing given the location and amount of tissue that is being pierced compared to the VCH. I was not a perfect candidate for a triangle but Elayne and I discussed options and likely outcomes before I decided to go ahead with the triangle. While considering my options Elayne so nicely changed my jewelry in my VCH ( love the J curve by the way) and patiently answered my questions while I pondered. When I decided to go ahead Elayne kept me informed of each step so no surprises other than the piercing itself which was a big OUCH for about 3 seconds then done. The first couple days after were a wee bit sore like a bruise but it's been a week and no discomfort now unless I really sit wrong. I'm really happy I decided to go a head and I'm looking forward to trying out how it will , hopefully, enhance my sexual pleasure. Thank you Elayne! Your the best!


Elayne is the best! I met her in Dallas at Obscurities to get my VCH on 2/1/14, and could not be more satisfied! When I first contacted her about setting up an appointment, she was completely booked up, but there was a cancellation and she was able to fit me in! :) She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. The actual piercing process was so quick, it was over before I knew it! Overall it was painless, except for a slight jolt, but any discomfort was gone after just a few seconds. The cooling pad works wonders haha. My piercing is only a few days old, but it's healing nicely so far! The emu oil seems to be helping tremendously, as well. Thank you SO much Elayne, I love it!


Your site has been very helpful to me. I found it to be very informative and direct. The pictures were a bonus for detail. Thank you for the wonderful information.


I am so grateful to have met and been pierced by you Elayne. You are so informative, relaxed, precise and quick as lightening. The piercings barley hurt. I'm in love with my new matching outer labia set and my VCH. They are beautiful and healing fast. You are a goddess. Thank you for doing what you do and caring so much for every single one of your clients!!!!!I could not have felt any more at ease. My expectations were exceeded:) Thank you so very much!


Hi, I love your website, it is very informative. I would really like to have a VCH piercing and doing my research first. Please come to London, UK! I would feel safe having you do my piercing :)

Lacey x

Hi Lacey, Thanks for the positive feedback. I'd love to pierce you but I work only in the US. But I do have a referral in London on my Piercer Referrals Page:

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