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Elayne Angel


Hi Elayne, just wondering if you travel internationally for work or are you only based in the US? I'm in Australia and there are loads of great piercers here but I've never seen anything in as much helpful detail as your website. Thanks :-)

Thanks for the positive feedback, Tori. No, sorry; I pierce only in the US (though I live in Mexico!).


I just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased emu oil and I can't thank you enough. I have always had some trouble with piercings healing correctly. I was at a loss with my left cheek piercing because it had been having troubles for years despite my right one healing perfectly and comfortably with no leaking, unnecessary swelling, or infection. I bought the oil after losing hope with salt soaks. I put this stuff on and it immediately soothed my cheek, after a day and a half the swelling started to lessen. I used it for my high nostrils, my stretched septum, and my navel after that. They are all doing great. You're my hero, thank you so much.

Amanda S.

I came across Elayne Angel while Googling "VCH Piercings" because I had a bad experience with my first VCH piercing. I clicked on the website and thought I would give e-mailing Elayne a try. I sent her a picture of my piercing and expressed my concerns that it may be too shallow... then I sent the e-mail off into cyberspace thinking no one would ever actually reply. Much to my surprise, Elayne not only wrote me back, but wrote me back within hours! After many e-mails back and forth, she recommended a great body piercing shop in the Philadelphia area - Infinite Piercing Shop. I took my first VCH piercing out per Elayne's suggestion, let it heal, and saw Kellan Smith at Infinite for a new VCH piercing. He was absolutely amazing and it came out perfectly! Without Elayne, I would have never known what to do or where to go. Everyone at Infinite had the most amazing things to say about Elayne, which, through my experience, has proven to be true. Thanks, Elayne, for all your help! You truly are the best.


How nice to have found this website. I've learned so much just reading here, and yes, the search is on for a qualified piercer. Thank you!


Thanks elayne for giving me the best information about a vch piercing. Not only were your e-mail replys quick but they always answered my questions fully. I appreciate all your help and wish you well in all you do!!


Hi Elayne,

I just wanted to thank you for your book - it's a great read that's so informative (it's been very handy on multiple occasions when dealing with difficult piercings)!

In addition to the Troubleshooting section in your book, you've been so awesome when it came to providing me with the guidance and advice I needed. Your quick responses were very much appreciated :) I'm happy to say that your attentiveness has helped me nurse my piercing back to good health.

I hope you come to Toronto sometime soon - I'd love to get a pierced by you!


Dear Elayne,

I just wanted to thank you for writing such a brilliant and informative book, I feel it has given me that boost of confidence needed to get a piercing apprenticeship. I can definitely see myself reading it over and over again, it was such an interesting book with so much information.

I hope to meet you one day to thank you in person!

Thank you again and take care,


Lois M.

Hi Elayne,

I was in Philadelphia on July 6th at Infinite Piercing to have you do a VCH piercing for me. I just want to thank you for the great job you did! Not only did it not hurt at all, because by the time you did it, I asked you " was that it"? Because I was expecting more, but, it looks and feels great! It's been 31/2 weeks and I have healed so quickly, but I feel that's due to the extremely sanitary conditions and technique. I think anyone who has this type piercing done by anyone but you is crazy! You're the best! Thank you again! Just for the record, to anyone who reads this entry, I am 54 yrs old, and I am loving this piercing! So glad I did it!



> Hi Elayne. I just wanted to tell you I love emu oil. It has cleared up my jock itch better than any medicine I have ever used. > You pierced me on July 8th in Philly. I did bleed for a couple days after. By day 5, if I remember correctly, there was no more bleeding. I have never felt any pain from the piercing, even my first urination was not in anyway painful, I was surprised. I did how ever leave a trail of blood in rest areas all the way to North Carolina where I was going to look for a house, which I am still looking for. > I would Like to tell everyone Elayne is the best, she is very professional, very helpful with any questions and makes you feel very at ease. My piercing was an apadravya.


I had seen pictures of guys with ampallangs and had been fascinated. I finally decided that i wanted to get it done. I had seen pictures of ampallangs done by a woman in New Orleans and had really like the way that the placement looked. I had read the accounts and was struck. I put it aside thinking that i would never be able to get to New Orleans to get my penis pierced. Having moved to near Philadelphia I happened upon a picture on a body piercing site of a guy who had a great looking ampallang. I emailed him asking where he had gotten his piercing and he responded saying that Elayne Angel was the piercer. I had no idea who Elayne was but if she worked there then that is where I would go. I had no idea how lucky I was about to get. I learned that Elayne is a guest at the studio occasionally. Wow, talk about neat alignment. So I told Elayne what I wanted and she was very enthusiastic. She asked that I send pictures of my penis so that she could see what she was working with. She was very professional and open. Finally the day came. I drove to Infiniti in South Philly and went and waited. Elayne was enthusiastic, which helps. This was my first time getting pierced in a professional studio and she made me feel as at ease as possible. The actual piercing, of feeling the needle go through me penis was not painful. I felt pressure and only a little pain as she said at the end when the needle exited. It went very quickly, I was amazed at how fast she pierced me and put the barbell through. It's been almost three weeks and it feels amazing. The only discomfort is when the crusties around the bar irritate the tissue, or it gets caught in my clothes. Occasionally it is sore but that is just the tissue healing and adjusting. I had a PA, and could not stand the thing banging against stuff all the time. The ampallang is perfect. Elayne did a great job getting it as deep as possible. Guys, if you've ever wondered. Get it done. It's worth the discomfort, and not as bad as you would think. Especially if you get pierced by Elayne. Thanks


The reason why I wanted to get my VCH piercing was because I wanted to feel better about my body again. At the age of 36 I started to realize how insecure I was about my body. I guarded myself from enjoying relationships with the excuse of not having sex, because I didn't want to feel the judgement from a partner, either about myself as a person or my anatomy. I had thought about this modification for a very long time and I figured getting a VCH would be the most direct way of facing this insecurity. Little did I know.

After reading about Elayne Angel's knowledge, her role in the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), and her favorable reputation within the piercing industry, I knew I wanted her to do my VCH. The day of the piercing I was thoroughly nervous and running late, because of Los Angeles traffic. There was even the issue of my menstrual cycle that I let her know about via e-mail a few days before, which she wasn't even bothered by at all. (Thank goodness!) I kept wondering whether or not I would actually go through with the piercing.

Elayne was very accommodating in regards to confirming the VCH piercing I wanted to get and with picking out the appropriate jewelry for my anatomy. (I picked out a wonderful curved bar with two sparkling clear CZ gems.) I remember I was so nervous that I kept rethinking whether or not I wanted to sit in the chair in front of her, but didn't say anything to her about what I was thinking. I did sit down. Elayne talked me through everything. She let me know where there was vascularity, marked the spot, and showed me in the mirror where the jewelry would be located. I'll admit, the piercing did smart. However, the pain was gone by the time I reacted verbally. Elayne then followed the needle through with the jewelry, which didn't hurt at all. The entire piercing session was insanely fast. While she showed me in the mirror how the VCH piercing turned out, she said, "So cute. Now you have your own little secret." I was so happy that she had made that comment, because it made me feel like my decision was a good one.

This happened in January and it's July now. I had no problems during the healing process. I love this piercing!!! The jewelry sits beautifully. I wish I had done this years earlier. Not only is it attractive, but has provided me a great sense of ownership and happiness that I really had no clue was missing as much as it was.

I'm so glad I sought out Ms. Angel to perform my VCH piercing. Not only does she have a comforting bedside manner, but she is also someone who comes across as accepting and very sweet. Today, I'm definitely feel more appreciative of my body and welcoming of the reality of physical individuality. I feel like my body is something to be proud of and I'm excited to continue decorating. :)


I wanted to continue to affirm your good work.  When I received my two female genital piercings 2 months ago, I had no idea what to expect.  I remembered that you said that the triangle piercing would take 3 months to heal.  After about 3 weeks I thought that I was completely healed because the added pleasure was fantastic and not at all painful.  Since another month has passed, I find that I am even MORE pleased with my decision!!  I am so tempted to walk up to strangers on the street and tell them about the many benefits of the triangle and clitoral hood piercings but I have confined my good news to my gynocologist and a few close friends.  Thank you for using your God-given gifts to enhance the live's of women.


Elayne Angel, you are an Angel...thanks you so much for doing my VCH piercing. I know I was a babbling idiot when I walked in but you made me so comfortable and explained the entire process to me. I was so surprised how fast it took for you to to the piercing, you made my awful commute worthwhile. I am so glad I found you and you did my piercing. Thank you for writing the piercing bible which i found to be packed with knowledge which I have and will constantly refer to. I will see you in a year for the triangle. Thanks so much


I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of getting pierced by Elayne. Last time she came to Dallas, I got up the nerve for my VCH. She was so professional and comforting and I knew I was in the best hands (especially given all the tremendous research I had done). I wanted a triangle too, but I thought I should let the VCH heal first and not get too enthusiastic. I wish I had gotten the triangle then! I appreciate referrals, but I just can not bring myself to have anyone else do it. I've waited all this time for Elayne to finally come back to Dallas so I emailed her (she always emails me back) and she said she'd be back in Dallas in September! Yes!!! I have alot of patience when it comes to getting something so important done right and I only have a little over two months to go--but she's worth it. I know it will be done RIGHT. Now hurry up September!!!

Cristy & Erik

Hi Elayne!

My husband and myself would like to thank you for your invaluable site, book and referral page! I'd like to share our piercing experience with you and your readers.

After heavily researching first the types of piercings we wanted before deciding. We educated ourselves using the knowledge you provide, along with the information we'd found on the website for the Piercing Emporium in Worcester, MA. (We live just about one hour away from the studio.)

This past Saturday, 6/30, my husband and I turned our piercing journey into a day trip and drove down to the Piercing Emporium. The studio is small, yet extraordinarily clean and welcoming, as was our reception. The young lady at the counter was extremely knowledgeable in helping us with jewelry choices, with a delightful smile and quit wit as a bonus! We'd both requested Marc Williams to be our piercer, as he'd been so highly recommended by you!

After only about an hour's wait in a very busy establishment, we were led to the back by Marc himself. I must say, the piercing room is as hygienic and spotless as any doctor's office I've ever been in. Marc is a very patient professional who took the time to answer our many questions, explain to us what we hadn't asked, and is absolutely Zen-like in his approach to piercing.

My husband went first. His first genital piercing, a PA, had him excited and quite nervous. Marc took the time to talk him through each part of the procedure, his voice very soothing the entire time. With the exception of the big "pinch", which was actually expected, my husband was completely surprised that the PA hurt far, far less than he'd ever imagined it would.

His second piercing was to re-pierce his right nipple which had rejected over eight years ago when he'd had both done. The scar tissue there is fairly thick, and the big "pinch" he expected there was... well, there, but extremely quick. (Plus there was the added benefit of having his nipple 'ache' to distract him from the fact he'd just put an 8g CBR through his penis.)

My turn. I'd come in very excited, and full of trepidation. I'm a 44 year old heavy set woman with multiple body piercings and tattoos who'd decided it was time to get my first genital piercing. A VCH. I'd been so relieved when, instead of facing the "odd look" I'd been expecting, I'd been greeted with warmth and kindness by both the receptionist and Marc himself. I was made to feel extraordinarily comfortable, had the procedure explained to me fully, and with what seemed like no time at all, I was wincing at the "pinch" and it was over! I now am the proud wearer of a 12g (soon to be 10g or 8g after healing) curved titanium barbell with beautiful dark purple beads! Two days later now, our piercings are healing normally, with only the occasional 'sting' of a reminder that they're new.

I'd like to let your readers know that if they don't have one of your recommended piercers close by, it is definitely worth the trip to travel to one! Marc Williams was the most professional, skilled piercer I've ever met, and I'm already thinking forward to where I'd like my next piece of metal!

Thank you, Elayne. Your choice to share your knowledge with us all has definitely done a wonderful service to piercing enthusiasts the world over! You are a woman to be treasured by all who strive to educate themselves before modifying their body. My husband and I are forever grateful for the wealth of information!

If you're going for your first, or twenty-first piercing, I highly recommend perusing the Piercer Referrals on this site! Elayne recommends the best of the best, and you won't be disappointed!

Sincerely, Cristy and Erik


I decided to do research about getting my VCH a few months ago.I found Elayne's book and site and was very impressed,very well written and i could not put it down!:)Once I had read the book and read the entire blog archive i knew i had to find the right piercer in my area,i would have loved to have gone to elayne but i was not able to travel to her.So the next best thing is to go to one of her piercer referral.There is only one person in MI that is on elayne's list and her name is Tiffany diamond at lady luck piercing and tattoo.I emailed Elayne just to calm my nerves and she reassured me Tiffany was very talented and came highly recommended which i didn't doubt but it was nice to here it from the best:)When it came time for my piercing i was completely overjoyed by how spotless this shop was,i have never seen a more clean place in my life,she sanitized my jewelry right in front of me in what i believe was a autoclave which i had never seen before and i was really impressed:)Any anxiety i had was completely gone once i met Tiffany and saw her process.Tiffany let my very inaugurated boyfriend watch and explained everything step by step.She let me see with a mirror were the piercing would be placed.The piercing itself was so fast that i barley had time to react,just a sharp pinch for a second and its over.Tiffany was very kind and sat and chatted with us for a bit.She is very personable,fun and a true pro ,i am now a loyal customer of Tiffany now because of this amazing experience.When we go back for my check up my bf wants get a furnum piercing because he found the whole experience so relaxing and painless for me, plus how professional Tiffany and the shop was was over all.He is now convinced he wants one:)Im am so thankful to Elayne for the information she has shared with us all,i could not thank her enough.Anyone that brings up piercings i tell them about her book and site.Thank you Elayne!!!


I wanted 2 first say I'm a fan of Ur work & hopefully someday I will be able 2 get pierced by U.

But I had 2 drop U a quick note regarding the "Body Circle Designs" Jewelry that can b found on Ur site. THIZ JEWELRY IZ AMAZING!!!!! I first bought a j curve barbell for my navel piercing(which I had pierced in 1995) & it made me feel az AWESOME as thee day I had it pierced 17 yrs. ago! I've since ordered from BCD 2 more times & now have their jewelry in 9 of my 12 piercings! So in short THANX 4 posting that site! Great Quality & affordable prices!

& also, I have an autographed copy of "The Piercing Bible"! A GREAT read & a must 4 ANY piercer/piercee!


After 10 years of thinking about getting a VCH piercing I finally made the decision to get it done. I started doing research on it and found Elayne Angels website an found it to be incredibly helpful! I have always been quite shy when it comes to my vagina and how it looks. My sisters had always made me feel like I was not normal because my anatomy was not the same as theirs. I know this info may seem to have nothing to do with this website or Elayne Angel but it does deep down. After looking over the website for hours over a the course of a week I got the "balls" to get it done. I found a great piercer near me, armed with all the info I got from this website and I did it! With my shyness somewhat under control and my new piercing making me feel more beautiful and sexy I felt amazing. Only one problem, I felt my barbell was a little short. The bottom ball would hide under my hood and I wasn't sure if that would be harmful to the healing process. So again I got the "balls" to email Elayne a picture and ask her advice. She suggested a J Curve barbell. I took her advic and ordered it right away so by the time I was healed I could change it. All I can say is WOW! It was not uncomfortable before but when I swapped the barbells it felt as if I had no piercing at all unless I wanted to feel it : ) I am very sensitive and the J Cruve makes me even more so. It moves easy and I can always see both ends of the jewlery. My husband was worried that the piercing would get in the way of oral sex but with the J Curve he has not complained and neither have I! The link to the store that I purchased my J Curve fr is the one on this website. They shipped it fast and had very reasonable prices. Like I mentioned before I have been shy and teased about the looks of my vagina and what my piercing and Elayne have helped me realize is that it is BEAUTIFUL! Yes this may sound lame or over the top, because it's "just" a piercing. But to me the whole process has really changed my mind frame. I was not shy to get it pierced and was not shy to send Elayne my picture to get her advice. So I would like to thank Elayne and everyone who has submitted questions to this website, & making it not be such a taboo subject!


In Sept Elayne did a VCH for me in Oklahoma City. When it came to picking jewelry, since I don't have a fav color we went with her fav which is purple *since then I've changed to a pearl*. Most of the reviews that I saw prior to having mine done weren't very informative so rather than give a review on day one, I waited to fully heal. The whole process was quick and painless; seriously it was over before I even knew she had started. A quick pinch and a pass of the mirror and I was done! The outside healing process was quick, the interior healing took a bit longer possibly because I didn't wait the proper healing time before having sex again *shame on me* but I did soak afterwards and all ended up well. I did/do have the occasional issue with some irritation where the top ball hits the skin, I think It’s from running and sweating. If you buy Elayne’s book *you REALLY should* you'll be able to identify and understand what I'm talking about. Since I’ve changed to dry fit exercise panties and leggings it doesn’t happen very often. It's nothing serious and a quick soak seems to clear it up. I do have days where the piercing irritates me other days I can’t feel it all. For me it doesn’t enhance sex any, at times I find it a bit bothersome especially if you’re using toys.

Thanks again Elayne for beautifully decorating my cupcake <3

Thanking Elayne Angel!!!

Because of all the information given on this site, in the piercing bible, and the procedure videos I've watched by Elayne Angel I have definitely been educated in piercings. Well at least to feel comfortable enough to get my first piercing a few days ago! Which was a VCH piercing and I Love it! Its absolutely perfect! I knew exactly what to expect and to look out for before, during, and after my piercing experience. Anyone considering a piercing should research using all these things as well and definitely make use of Elayne Angel's "Piercer Referrals." I did and was pierced by Tiffany Diamond @ Lady Luck Tattoo in Waterford,MI. Definitely worth the research!!! Happy Piercing!

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