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Elayne Angel


I had been considering getting a VCH and did some research, not only on this website but on several other websites. I finally went into get the piercing with one of Elayne's referrals in Arizona, Kevin Jump at HTC Piercing. He is awesome! I was so nervous when I first walked in but as soon as I spoke to him, he eased my worries and I was positive I was ready for a VCH. Not only is he extremely informative and professional, he's also humorous and just has this attitude that immediately puts you at ease. I firmly believe that getting a piercing is a HUGE deal, and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Yeah, a piercing might be modification that you can "take out" if you're not happy with it, but just the mere process of it can expose you to all sorts of infections or other complications. I felt that not only Kevin embraces that but the entire shop. I am more than happy with his work and would not go anywhere else for any future piercings (if I decided to get more).


I recently had the pleasure of getting a VCH and my nipples pierced by Elayne in New Orleans. These are piercings I have dreamed about getting for YEARS, but due to nerves and a lack of great piercers in my hometown (not New Orleans), I refused to get them done unless they were done by the best.

Elayne was incredibly kind and quick during the appointment booking. When I was unsure about the results of my Qtip test, she agreed to consult me during my appointment. During the appointment, Elayne was super professional and super nice! She was great about letting me know what to expect during the piercing process. I was impressed by how thorough she was in making sure that my piercings were safely and correctly placed and best suited for my anatomy. She also taught me about the aftercare process and what to expect during healing. I could not have asked for a better experience, and I am SO thankful for Elayne and her website for giving me the research and tools I needed to make wise decisions about my piercings. It's great going into an appointment knowing that you are in great hands (especially when you're nervous!)

Overall, 20/10 experience! I am so in love with my new piercings, and I have had zero issues in the last few days since piercing following Elayne's advice. I HIGHLY recommend consulting and booking Elayne for your piercings if she is in your area. She is without a doubt worth the wait.


After extensive research, I decided I wanted a VCH piercing, and all directions led to Elayne. I had read that she's the best, so if I was going to do it, it was going to be by her. She pierced me when she came to my city and I can say nothing but good things about her. The communication is great all throughout the process from consultation to answering any questions you may have. The actual piercing went by very quickly and didn't hurt. I think the whole process took about seven minutes tops -including prep, piercing and aftercare instructions. She is very sweet and talks to you the whole time and let's you know what she's doing as she works. She's so good that she had done the piercing and I was still waiting, bracing myself for her to do it. I won't say it's completely painless, but it hurts even less than an earlobe piercing. Immediately afterward, I just felt normal as if nothing was there, and was easily able to go on with my day. I'd have to agree with everyone and say she is indeed the best - very professional and it's clear that she's experienced and dedicated to quality. If you're thinking about getting this piercing, I highly recommend her, I wouldn't trust anyone else.

P.S I only got it two days ago now, and even though it isn't healed yet, it feels like it is.

Thank you Elayne for being awesome! It was a pleasure to have gotten pierced by the greatest.


Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for your list of referrals. I just recently moved to Arizona and know absolutely no one here. I had been contemplating the decision to get a vch for about 5 years but I was very hesitant. Browsing the internet for healing times I stumbled upon your website (the heavens opened up). After reading your very insightful information I knew that I wanted it for sure but I definitely wanted it done properly. In your info you mentioned a list of referrals so I found the link and there was Kevin's name. I made a trip to visit him at HTC of Tempe and was completely satisfied with his level of professionalism from the initial "Hello" to my departing "See you soon". I will be back to visit him for future piercings. Thank you so much for making it easy to find such a great piercer. YOU ROCK... P.S. Kevin spoke very highly of you. I never met you and after leaving Kevin I know you are a wonderful person...

Michelle Greenbank

Hi Elayne, i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for writing such a wonderfully imformative book. I have read it front to back many times, this and running the gauntlet by Jim were very educational. Xx


Elayne... My piercings are absolutely beautiful! It's been one month since you performed my triangle and HCH in Atlanta, and I still can't find the words to tell you how utterly pleased I am with every aspect of your skill and care. Through my very first email contact with you, to my actual appointment that Saturday in GA, to your endless patience with me, your expertise and genuine love for your clients are obvious. From our very first contact, I knew that I would trust my body to no other piercer. Thank you for everything... My husband and I are deeply grateful.

Violet carter

Hi I had my nipples pierced at ancient adornments by roger rabbit and I was wondering if u could look at my pics and let me know if u think the barbell should be longer? Contact me back and I'll email u s pic thanks

Hi Violet, You're welcome to send me a photo, but if you have any doubts, please contact Roger or visit his studio! Elayne


Dear Elayne, I wanted to write and thank you for your information about the VCH piercing that you provided in your Piercing Bible. I have read that book from cover to cover several times. Armed with the proper information I found a local, experienced piercer who performed my piercing correctly. My lifestyle is probably the polar opposite of yours (no judgement intended here) and 10 years ago I would have never set foot in a piercing studio, believing that they were pretty good places to pick up some unwanted diseases. Complications following a cartilege piercing at a mall kiosk (yes, now I know better!) necessitated a visit to a local piercer and my whole idea of what a piercing studio was got turned upside down. Your book was recommended by my piercer. I was so glad to find that your book is written in a neutral tone so everyone is comfortable reading it. I am so grateful for the wealth of information you have presented here. I didn't get the VCH for the usual reasons that most people do although I will say that the jewelry is pretty and fancies up the area quite a bit! :) I am a 58 year old post hysterectomy, post menopausal woman who wanted a non-hormonal approach to dealing with postmenopausal dryness issues. Because of my family history, estrogen is NOT my friend!! (I have strokes and heart issues on paternal and maternal sides of the family and other than high triglycerides, I have avoided the other problems so far.) I suspected that a well placed VCH would act to cause passive lubrication and that seems to have been the case with me. It's possible it is a placebo effect, but heck, even if it is, I have some relief from the excessive dryness that has plagued me for the last five years. I did ask my NP if she had seen any studies regarding genital piercings and post menopausal women and she had not, but she was intrigued by the idea that a VCH would cause passive lubrication. To her, it seemed logical that the presence of jewelry in the area would cause the body to produce more moisture. I am wondering if you have been aware of any studies that have proven this? Anyway, thank you for a solution that I would never have been aware of before reading your book!


Hello, I got a VCH piercing about 10 years ago to help with stimulation during sex. I had hoped this would help with orgasm during sex since I haven't been able to achieve one. I was wondering if maybe there's a reason it didn't help at all? Maybe it was placed wrong? I don't recall having the choice between the 2 VCH or HCH. Is there another piercing that would help with this.I would love to be able to experience this ! Thanks in advance!

Hi Sara,

It is quite possible that your piercing was not placed optimally for your anatomy, or that the jewelry isn't the best size or style for you.

If you would like my help with evaluating the placement of your VCH piercing, and to check your anatomy to see what other options you might be built for, visit this page to book a consultation with me:

Some women find that the triangle piercing does the trick, so if you're suited to that you may want to get one! Use the CONTACT form (linked in the top navigation) to send me a message!


I am recently fully healed from a triangle piercing which I was grateful& happy to have had done by Elayne in mid December 2014. I also had one nipple pierced. I have had two nipple piercings in the past that healed shut & I had no idea that these piercings took so long to heal because they had been pierced in the wrong location! I also had a previous hood piercing that I wasn't told would be strictly cosmetic, so going to Elayne was an incredible experience. She is wonderfully gifted & gracious expert. Elayne is so knowledgeable that there was NO pain from the extremely quick & perfectly placed piercings. They are incredibly suited to me which was determined before hand in a consultation with Elayne. My words of praise seem too menial when compared with the professionalism, passion and empathy she has for what she does. There is no one like you! Thank you Elayne! You ROCK!


Thank you Elayne for the awesome consultation, you were very helpful and kind! If I ever have any other questions about piercing, I know who to contact again!

Nikki H

I just wanted to thank Elayne for doing my VCH in Atlanta at Virtue and Vice on Sunday 4/11/15. I have wanted a VCH for a while and after researching,I knew Elayne was the only person I wanted to do my piercing. I wasn't nervous until I got to the shop and was waiting for my turn. Elayne was very calming and quick...Thank God..because the "startle" was very startling. . but the pain was over as quick as I could react. The few seconds of pain was worth the results...I love my's gorgeous. Thanks again Elayne!!


"VCH!!!!"...I faced every obstacle head on yesterday from a car crash to driving in the storm for 2 1/2 just to get pierced by Elayne. Prior to my appointment I was slightly nervous but after all I went through yesterday I figured this would be my most exciting part of the day. Elayne was very considering and made me feel comfortable. Yes there was a slight "startle" and before I could even react the piercing was over. I was able to walk, sit, and even pee without any discomfort. So far no pain, however I am experiencing a little bleeding but that's considered normal. I love my "VCH" it's so pretty, can't wait for it to heal so I can try it out. Thanks Elayne.

Pierced yesterday around 8:30 pm.

Jess L

Thanks for all your great info. I got a vch yesterday by Kevin at HTC in Tempe AZ. Because of your info and Kevin's professionalism I had a great experience. Thanks for all you do!


I was lucky enough to have my VCH done by Elayne on 3/22/15 while she was at Infinite in Philly. Elayne is the epitome of knowledge and professionalism - she pierced me in, quite literally, two seconds, and I remember yammering about how shocked I was that she was *really that quick.* She's incredibly kind, answered all of my questions, and was even kind enough to inform me about my suitability for future piercings I was considering. Her experience is literally unparalleled, and it shows. I will definitely be pierced by Elayne again later this year when she returns to Infinite - in July, most likely, but if circumstances change, then definitely in November. If you're considering any genital piercing, waiting for her to visit a city near you or travelling to a stop on her tour is well worth it!

Robbin was an AWESOME PLEASURE to meet and have my VCH & Triangle done by you at infinite in Philly on 3/25/15. You answered all question pre-vist and post-visit. You made me feel at ease with just a small jolt for the triangle and a pinch for the VCH. I love the Jewels they look great!! You have such a warm, calming spirit and a great attitude. Thanks again for the tip of the Z-coils. I can't wait until you return to Philly to get my autographed copy of your book and hopefully a photo as well. Continue to be blessed in your craft....YOU ROCK!!! :)

Barbara Z.


It was such a pleasure meeting with you once again for the 4th time for my 3rd set of outer labia adornments at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday 03/26/2015. It is truly a privilege to be pierced by you! I cannot stop singing your praises. You are an amazing woman who is fiercely dedicated to her craft. Your knowledge, professionalism & calming presence in a welcome atmosphere make this experience a pleasant one. Although I am now a piercing "veteran", you still take the time to discuss the piercing, jewelry and aftercare. Anyone ever thinking of having their "sweetie" pierced - a visit with Elayne Angel is a MUST. Keep doing what your doing Elayne - I'm stalking your calendar for July or perhaps November. Have a GR-8 summer.


I almost never leave reviews, but I had to in this case!

I am such a huge fan of Elayne's work and her educating people on safe piercing. Her site allowed me to find a reputable piercer to do my nipples and VCH. Her great information also taught me how to care for my piercings and what jewelry to use. Truly, I consider her to be the best in the business!

After submitting photos for a triangle piercing consultation MANY months (over a year) ago, I finally got the nerve to actually go through with it. That said, I didn't want ANYONE but Elayne to pierce me! I have become quite a fan and figured that I wanted to make sure that if I was going to have such a serious piercing done, it would be done by an expert.

Yesterday, I was able to meet her at Infinite in Philly and it was such a pleasure. She has such a warm vibe and extremely professional manner. She described where she would be piercing and walked me through each step of the way. It was only minutes before I was pierced and ready to go back home. Even though it was just last night, I can barely remember the pain because she was so incredibly fast. I was very comfortable though the process and she was very willing to answer my questions. AS nervous as I was going in, I knew I was in good hands. I'm super thrilled with my piercing and so happy I waited for Elayne to do it! A truly great piercing experience with a very knowledgeable woman. This is probably my last piercing, but if there was anything else I was going to get, I'd wait for her next tour.

Keep doing what you do, Elayne! You're awesome!



So after years of wanting my nipples and my sweetie pierced, I finally got it done. It was a gift from my boyfriend who absolutely love them!! My vertical hood piercing does ride up all time and I am constantly fixing it. I am still wearing the jewelry I was pierced with I dont know if I need a shorter bar and larger balls?


It sounds like you may need a larger ball or gem on the bottom of your VCH jewelry.



I wanted piercings for years. I began researching and stumbled upon The Piercing Bible and found Elayne Angel. I knew with the unfortunate event Katrina she lost her shop in New Orleans and moved to Mexico. I found out that she was a guest piercer here in the states and I found that she was coming to Hollywood and I got my first genital piercing on my Birthday last year. The Triangle piercing is all that I thought it would be and more. I wanted NO ONE other than her to do this particular piercing and I'm glad i waited for her! She is very fast, smooth and it hurt for only a second ( which i rather enjoyed) The jewelry is pretty and the orgasms are freakishly intense! Almost a year later she returned to the same shop ( Ancient Adornments) and I got both nipples pierced by her as well as a VCH. She just made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Im proud to say that my piercings were done by this lady. What makes this all perfect is that I have many times written her with questions and she always writes back, quite often the same day with advice and instruction. It's like having an 'after care expert' within reach - This proves how much she genuinely cares for her people and wants them to be SAFE regarding every aspect of the piercing experience. I've had local piercers want to check out the triangle because they admit to having never seen one ( let alone performed one - EEEK! ) They just stare at me in silence when I mention her name ( These are NOT APP shops ) I recommend if you are interested in piercings that you do your research, check out her tour dates and book an appointment. I get very excited each time she comes to this area because I cant wait to get something else pierced. She's worth the wait - high quality jewelry placed by the best there is: Elayne Angel- it doesn't get much better than that.

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