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Elayne Angel

M. R. Coleman-Dion

I'm hoping that I can pierced by you when you come to Philly.

You are just an amazing woman!


If you'd like to be pierced by me in Philadelphia, details for my next trip are here:

Laura Wilson

Hi Elayne,>> I contacted you a few weeks ago to find out when you might be in Denver to complete a VCH piercing on me. You recommended Alicia Cardenas at Sol Tribe in Denver if I didn't feel like waiting for your visit.  I went to Sol Tribe yesterday for my piercing.  The first thing I noticed about the shop was how clean it smelled.  I couldn't help but feel like the entire shop was sanitary.  Alicia was wonderful.  She went over aftercare first, and then educated me step-by-step on the piercing procedure.  She made me feel quite comfortable.  The piercing itself wasn't painfree, but the pain was very brief, and Alicia walked me through by having me take slow deep breaths.  I would certainly recommend her to a friend, and I would definitely consider going back should I ever want another piercing.  Thank you for the referral!

Howard Bingham

Great site, have known about Elayne since the days of P.F.I.Q. magazine & Jim Ward.

Those who may have subscribed, my membership was TXM-300 & did several reader repies in several editions of P.F.I.Q. (Of which I lost my personal collection due to water damage after Hurricane IKE), only a few of the last editions I received remain, the first 30+ issues GONE..

Read about Elayne in Fet Life forums, which lead me to this site..

Good luck & best of wishes, looking forward to the book (Just ordered).

Howard  PFIQ TXM-300 (IIRC)


Hello internet folk,

Please do research before you get a [genital] piercing! Fortuantley this site and Elyane exist...I highly reccomend this site and the piercer referrels. I went to a respected place in my area and spent 100$ on botched piercing and possibly scar then consulted Elayne, she was very helpful and I cannot stress how glad I am to have her/this site. Then went to one of the places she referred and got everything fixed. Thank you so much! This is the place I have found info on the web.


I am a 50 something Grma who reconnected with my HS sweetheart.   He has numerous piercings and we have re-discovered each's other sensuality after many decades apart.  Out of all the holes he has made in his body, the only one not made by him was made by me when we were just teens together.  Because of his extensive piercings we are interested in obtaining "my first" and after discovering your site, I would really like to have it done by you.  You have educated me beyond any other, but I am unable to travel to New Orleans on June 2.  We live on the Gulf Coast of FLA, very near Tampa, will you be in our area at anytime in the near future?  If I cannot be pierced by you, can you recommend a competent, professional woman in my area who has been trained by you, or that you know and trust.  Thanking you in advance, I think you are beautiful and admire all of your body art. 

Hi Chele, Thanks for your wonderful message! Please email me at and I"ll be happy to answer your questions. Elayne


I have now read your book a few times and still sometimes refer back to it, it's been instrumental with regards to increasing my knowledge as a professional body piercer & I often recommend it to clients who're showing a real interest beyond the standard aftercare sheet, it's great for those who want to know more about piercing & its procedures. It's a great book which I think should be in every professional piercer's personal/ studio library and which every person who's truly addicted/ into their piercings should read to assure they're well informed and well educated and know what to expect, ask from their piercer. :-) xox

Linda Sendler

Thank you for this incredible reference and for your articles in Pain magazine.  I have been piercing professionally since 1996 and you have always been an inspiration to me for the level of professionalism I've tried to achieve in my craft.

I owe you a debt of gratitude, not just for this remarkable book, but for you endless contributions to the betterment of the art form I hold so personally dear.

So thanks!  You are truly awesome!

Austin Lambert

My piercer and I love your book, (we both have our own copies) and are actually making plans to go to the APP conference this summer! He bases his entire method upon yours, and I know he would appreciate me saying: WE LOVE YOU!

Elayne,  I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Piercing Bible, and appreciate your vast range of knowlege, expertise and attention to detail.  What a true labor of love!!  I only wish the book had been written prior to you performing my VCH piercing in NOLA/late 2004 (which remains a source of pleasure and delight 6+ years later), as I would have been a much better informed (and prepared) client for you to work with. Thanks again for all your good work ~ you are an amazingly wonderful, talented and experienced resource and I feel honored to have been pierced by you !! Blessings; I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.    

Elayne and her book has been the biggest inspiration to me EVER! It's what inspired myself to become a piercer! She's extremely knowledgable and friendly no matter what! I give alot of thanks to her and her work. Thank you Elayne I don't know where I'd be without you! Keep doing great for the industry!


I found your article on vch informative..... I am 49 and have a great partner and we have been considering this : ) So thank you I will DEFINITELY seek a professional for this. I live near to Bakersfield CA if you know of a qualified professional. Again thank you!!!

I do have a referral in West Hollywood in Southern California; it would be worth the trip to get the job done correctly.You can find his information on my referrals page of this website:

Jozef T.M.P Holleman


Nice work these pages. clearly, sweet and honest. Beautiful! I am a dutchman who lives in Brasil and looking for a possibility to get a piercing for my girlfriend. I think it is going to be a simple one to start with.

Thank you Kiss Jozef

Eric Mezzanotte

This book got me through 4 very long delayed flights and airport drama over a 72 hour period. Think you know all there is to know about piercing? Think again. It is an easy read, and is written so we can all understand it without having to have a PHD.

Not to mention Elayne is approachable and answers e-mails promptly with no god complex or a just read my book for the answers atittude. As a professional piercer, I keep this book handy in my piercing room and refer to it when I don't have an answer for my clients. Thanks Elayane. I can dig it, and appreciate it.

Eric mezzanotte: Professional piercer, shop owner Living Canvas, Columbia MO.

Fakir Musafar Intensives student, Basic and Advanced courses.

Tyler Musselman

I just want to say thank you again for paving the way and making it possible for me to do what i do today, your book is my bible, without it i would have been stuck so many times with no answers. Your book is hands down the best tool for people in the industry. Thank you again Elayne Angel for helping make it possible for so many of us to do what we love.

Lily Smallwood

I have had a VCH piercing and I'm looking into two or three sets for the outer labia, and you've given me the information I need to determine whether these piercings are right for me. My husband has also learned from you - he's an apprentice tattoo artist/piercer at Heart and Soul Tattoo in Morganton, NC. Thank you for your extensive information!


nice site :) rumah


I always felt something was missing from my life. Bieng a SAHM for 20 yrs. I always felt trapped, in a shell, I was intrigued by tattoos and piercings but the fear of pain coupled with the fear of "social stigma" attached to these things always just made them a curiosity. One day 2 months ago, on a whim, I decided to get my nipples pierced, I picked a shop, walked in, I was impressed, It only did piercings and since i was chicken I didn't care. He read me an after care paper, took me in a room, I took my shirt off, he marked me with a marker, stuck a needle through, put the bars in, I put my clothes on and left. After, I sat in my car and cried. I was overwhelmed and proud of myself for going through with it but I felt a little let down. I didn't know why. I went online and started searching for sites about piercings and found Elayne's site. It was so complete, I realized there was so much more. I didn't know what kind of jewelry I had in, let alone what gauge, It wasn't a bad experience but it wasn't a "complete" experience. I began to get an education, my eyes were bieng opened and I loved it! It was so inspiring. I wasn't afraid anymore. I'm even looking foreward to getting a VCH piercing and am waiting for her to go to philly so I can drive the 5 hours and get it done by her. I got her book and I read it, and re read it, I carry it with me truly like a bible. I feel as if a whole new world has been opened to me. I feel empowered. I'm still a soccor mom but no longer do I hide in the shadows. I feel confident and sexy and excited and I cannot thank her enough, or sing her praises enough from someone who was so afraid of piercings, I didn't get my ears pierced until i was 40 lol.


Advice is great abouit VCH.  Allowed us to have an informed conversation with the piercing studio prior to getting it done. Thank you

Joseph Gruner

very interesting and informative great site for the woman that is thinks of getting it done...


 Hey Elayne! I don't want you to think I am a creepy stalker! Haha... I promise I am not! You just inspire me to better myself, and be myself, and I want to thank you for that!  I recently decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a professional piercer. I am currently undergoing my apprentice at "In Your Face Tattoos" in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Everyone that I work with loves your book, and recommended it to me. I bought it and I can see why everyone loves it! First of all I couldn't put it down! Second, I learned SO MUCH! I was so ignorant; granted I have pierced myself all over since I was 14, plus close friends of mine, but I now look at the art in a new light! I really appreciate your knack for putting things in such an understanding perspective. I also greatly enjoy reading your articles in Pain Magazine! I look forward to it each issue! I hope to someday be as successful as you are with the business. So, I just wanted to tell you that I greatly admire you, and congrats on your amazing success with everything! You truly deserve it, and I hope to be life long friends with you, as you are my idol!!! Thank you so much for your time! Emily Florea

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