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Elayne Angel


 I was pierced by Elayne Angel today at Infinity Piercing in Philadelphia, PA- it was AWESOME! After doing some research about nipple piercings, I found Elayne's website.  I stumbled across her page about female genital piercings and my interest suddenly piqued.  After seeing that she would be making a piercing visit to Philadelphia, I jumped at the opportunity.  I booked an appointment about a month in advance and in the meantime read her book, "The Piercing Bible" and felt totally informed and prepared. My husband and made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Philadelphia from Baltimore.  Being a bit new to piercing I became incredibly nervous and thought maybe I was in way over my head.  Once there, Elayne explained everything and made me feel so comfortable and completely at ease.   First, we did my VCH. My immediate reaction was, "That's it?!".  I can only describe it as immense pressure followed by a quick pinch.  After plenty of walking around the city and a long car ride home, still no pain.  Occasionally, I'll shift and feel a nice, tingling sensation which pleasantly reminds me it's there.  Next, Elayne quickly pierced both nipples. This was more intense than the VCH.  It felt sharp and hot but it happened so quickly the jewelry was in before I could react.  On the ride home my nipples were a little sore but that could be due to me not wearing a sports bra like Elayne suggested.  Once home, I switched to a sports bra and the soreness vanished.   The finished product was totally worth it.  The only problem- my husband and I can't stop peeking at my new piercings! We love them!!! Elayne- you were so fabulous and made this experience totally worthwhile.  We can't thank you enough!!!

Mary Bertling

I started piercing in 1997, and as a responsible and professional body piercer I have only had 4 apprentices. I don't know about everyone else, but I don't really want to flood myself out of a trade that I love by training a bunch of half wits that are only in it for the almighty dollar or a "lifestyle" like a T.V. star. Every one of them has received a copy of the piercing bible from me, because I know that even being "on point", so to speak, when this book came out, I was anxious to read it because of the many years Elayne's been here before me and paved the way for women in this trade and because as a professional we should ALWAYS be seeking further and continuing education.

Conversing with our peers and others in our trade, instead of trying to outbid them, and gaining new perspective on different ways to get a piercing accomplished in a more efficient manner is always a plus. Your clientele will appreciate it and you grow as a professional when you can watch someone that can get the same outcome as you on a standard navel piercing, but has in some way cut out an unnecessary step or come up with a clever or faster way to do it, can always benefit you and your trade by making the way people in the general public look at body piercing and individuality as not being painful and self mutilating, but being art and adornment as well as self expression.

Elayne's been able to put into words a well versed resource that you can confidently recommend to your clients as well as other trained professionals, and in the most rare situations that you do want to provide information to that kid that's always coming in and hanging out to watch, get their ears stretched, and purchase initial jewelry, and you know they are going out and piercing their friends...(LOL) a safer and more thorough education and awareness of what we all are doing to people. Let's face it, it's a very trusting person that will allow you to perform such an intimate procedure that can ultimately affect them in the most positive and most negative ways and it's our responsibility to know as much as we can in order to gain the trust and skills it takes to accomplish what Elayne has in her career. She's made body piercing a socially acceptable way of owning one's self, and in my opinion, she's allowed people that used to feel like they had to hide themselves, to come out of the dark and flaunt who they really are.

The modified community should thank her and show their support by sharing in what she's accomplished and passing along all the safety, knowledge, and responsibility that she takes, and last but certainly not least, the pride I know I feel in calling myself a "Professional Body Modification 'Artist'" that strives to be better than "Just a piercer".

Thank you Elayne.



As a relative stranger to the tattoo and piercing crowd, it was so intimidating to even consider a female piercing for the pleasure benefits.  Every bit of research and referral pointed to Elayne as the absolute best piercer, so I made the appt and travelled to see her in CA.

Elayne made the whole experience comfortable and easy.  I was a good candidate for both a VCH and a triangle so I had both done.  It's been a couple weeks now and I absolutely LOVE the piercings.  The results are absolutely fabulous - truly sex enhancement implants!  My husband was a tad disinterested when I wanted the piercings, but now he's a huge fan and loves the results.  I highly recommend the piercings to anyone with suitable anatomy! 

I cannot give higher praise or recommendation to Elayne.  She was informative and professional and pleasantly personal all at the same time.  For such an intimate proceedure, it was simple and the pain was minimal (having had my ears pierced years ago with a gun was far more painful).  A better experience could not be asked for or attained.


Elayne and Buck,

I would like to thank you both for a wonderful piercing experience. Elayne, as always you were very informative and engaging.  Buck and I had a good laugh about art and blood...well I enjoyed the conversation.

The nipple piercings I received from you are in a perfect position for my body type. Since I do not possess full rounded brests the placement of the piercings have created the illusion of perkier brests. 

I am very happy with my piercings.

I think you and Buck are awesome people!


To anyone reading;

I have recently been intoxicated with the idea of getting a VCH piercing, upon my research I found Elayne Angel. I think the piercing is absolutely beautiful and I love that it is also functional.

So I emailed Elayne to find out more information, and she was amazingly helpful and so kind as well.

Personally, If my anatomy is correct for it, I will be waiting and travel down to the US to be pierced by Elayne. 

I recommend waiting for her to anyone, especially for genital piercings! They aren't anything you should risk damaging in any way.

Good Luck to Everyone!


I got a VCH and Triangle, my boyfriend an Apadravya, done by Elayne back in Nov '10, and it was the best piercing experience we've had. The piercings themselves were done very precise with quick, steady hand and were relatively painless. She was super informative, helpful, energetic, and comfortable to talk to. They healed up great, and feel amazing! The emu oil during healing tip she gave us was an enormous help. To anyone looking to get quality body mods, this is your lady. Can't wait til she's back in the area to get more work done!



Elayne and I had been corresponding for the past year about my piercing. I finally got to meet her at Prix on Saturday the 15th when she came to L.A. I was the first person to book an appt with her when she released her So Cal piercing dates last year. I want everyone to know that Elayne is 1000% worth the wait. I had previously had a VCH piercing done by another piercer. It wasn't a pleasant or painless experience. I kept the piercing in for 7 months, but since it was a shallow piercing I decided to remove it and wait till I could be seen by Elayne. I am happy to report to you all and Elayne that she was totally quick, gentle and all but a nano second of a little pinch, the experience was pain free. : )

My Hunny and I had a great time meeting her and her Hunny Buck. She is so down to earth, fun and completely comfortable to be around.

Thank you Elayne for the complete professionalism with a smile and a sense of humor. It truly was a great pleasure to meet you guys.

Take my advice everyone, from my own personal experience, if you have to wait a year to get your piercing done by Elayne than wait. She is day and night from anyone else I have ever dealt with in the industry. And buy her book, she is truly a gifted, talented and passionate artist.

Love You Elayne!

Regards : )


Peace and Love !!



Hi there, Thanks for your interest, but this is a guest book, rather than a forum for people to send you photos. All of my photos of female genital piercings are on this page:


Hi Elayne,

Love the website, you're a great inspiration and wellspring of knowledge.

I've been considering stretching my tongue for a while now, although I do plan on splitting it at some stage.

What do you think the pro's or cons may be for a stretched tongue being split?

Kindest Regards,


church grim

I really can't describe how good it feels to have found your website. I've been interested in body modification for a few years now and though I have only a few piercings, it's people like you who inspire me to treat my body as a work of art. It makes me proud to have such a strong woman like yourself representing the body mod community in such positive light.

Thankyou so much for giving me such a positive role model. You give me strength to remember who I am and not let society tell me what is and isn't acceptable and normal. Perhaps one day you'll come to New Zealand and I'll get the opportunity to be pierced by you.

Stay gorgeous, goreous.


Thanks from me in New Zealand for a great informative site on piercing!!

helped me alot with which piercing i am wanting.



I received my first, and hopefully not my last, piercing from Elayne while she was in Dallas, TX in November 2010.  She did a septum piercing on me that looks absolutely beautiful.  The placement is perfect, the jewelry is complementary to my anatomy, and the procedure was a piece of cake.  Kudos to this lovely lady for such an exemplary job on my new adornment.




I have been thinking about getting a VCH for some time now but have been too nervous to give it much serious thought.  But after looking at your website, I have been put at ease (for the most part anyways)! Now just to find the right piercer (ever come near Buffalo, NY??) and see if I'm a good fit.

Hi Kristina, Thanks for your post. I would be happy to do an online consult if you'd like to send me a photo or two of you doing the q-tip test as pictured on the Female Genital Piercing page of my site. Send photos to: If you'd like to be notified when I plan piercing travels, sign up for my free newsletter in the box on the front page of this site. (Just click one of the wings to go there). Elayne


hi elayne

i have wanted a pa for about 3 years now but was to scared to get it done lol . just a question but you might have hurd it 100000s of times how long does it take and is it worser then the nippe or tounge pain wise ? 

love to hear back from you soon.

Hi Keir,

The PA is a piece of cake if I do it for you. I can't tell you what you'll experience if you go to an unqualified piercer. Most men I pierce are astounded at how relatively painless it is. Many of them report that there is some discomfort from the tube, but no pain from the piercing!

The piercing itself takes me an instant. If you'd like to see me performing piercings, and demonstrating exactly where they should be placed and how quickly and easily an expert can perform them, I've got videos available here: (You'll see that I can perform that piercing in an instant!)

If I didn't do your other piercings, I can't say what you might have experienced. In general, the PA is considered a very mild piercing. It only goes through a very small amount of tissue. Most of where the jewelry rests is already there (your urethra). Did you want to make an appointment for Los Angeles or Atlanta during one of my upcoming trips?


I have read this book cover to cover several times.  It has really been a confirmation for me and my interest in the body modification field.  Additionally, it has assisted me in convincing my parents that body mod is not the unsanitary, trashy industry they assumed it to be. Your book helped so much that my mother is now accompanying me to my first tattoo convention!

Thankyou so very much, I hope to meet (and be pierced) by you someday :)

kelly anderson

hey i am 14 i would like to get a piercing how long do i have to wait cause i want one fucking bad

It depends on your local laws, but most places have a minimum of 16 years of age with your parent present to sign the consent form. Please do wait until you can get pierced properly as there are lots of risks if you have it done by a friend or someone who is unprofessional (such as a piercer who is willing to work on a minor without parental consent).


I got a Triangle piercing done by Elayne back in July when we were both visiting NOLA. I'm almost 2months in and I love it. I can't tell anyone about how sex is with it as I have not done anything since getting the piercing. But I think its a beautiful piercing and Elayne made me feel so comfortable getting it. She also checked out my other piercings and gave me great advice about those as well! Love her and would defiantly recommend her! She's worth the traveling and waiting!


I have never found somebody so knowledgable on this subject! Very informative! I have a question though. I got a VHC done twice and each time my skin just sorta stetched out and the piercing fell out. They both healed almost immediately and my piercier just said to come in again and she will do it for free. Is it even worth it to have her pierce it again?

H there, I'd be happy to evaluate your anatomy to see if you appear to be a good candidate. Can you send some images, including the q-tip test as explained on this page of my site?

What style and size of jewelry were you wearing? Sincerely, Elayne

Tonya Hamilton -Dunker

Just got a VCH piercing by Elayne in Philly today.She was great! Thanks soooooo much Elayne. Hope to see you in Boston soon. P.S. your absolutely beautiful!!!



Event Calendar suggestion: 

September-- Miami, FL ;)

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