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Elayne Angel


I just wanted to say thank you. I have read all through your blog and it convinced me to finally get the VCH piercing I've been wanting. I looked through your referral page and found Body Piercing By Bink. They were absolutely amazing! I drove 2 hrs to get to his shop because i was afraid of not getting what i wanted and i am SO glad that i did. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and with their professionalism. The whole experience was way easier than i could ever have imagined. And the piercing looks fantastic! Based on your photos and blog they did a top notch amazing job. So i just wanted to say thank you :)


Thank you for all your hardwork and dedication to the piercing industry. The right information is so important to have, as there are way too many people out there claiming to be piercers and tattoo artists. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.


Elayne's book made me feel much more comfortable about getting pierced and when i intended to get only one, i'm now on my fourth and still counting. It provides a great insight on what piercing really is and i still read it often.


hahaha! It was June-not July. Sorry. :-D


I drove 600 miles to New Orleans to meet you and have you pierce me in July! I am so happy that I did! Elayne, you are awesome! I have to say that my VCH has made me feel so much more confident and sexy! Now I just need the right jewelry. Thank you Elayne! I hope to see you again soon!

Rae Jones

Thank you for such an amazing learning experience! I purchased your book over a year ago and was thrilled at how informative and extensive it was. I currently work at a tattoo shop as the sole piercer and have never once had any problems. I keep your book on hand for quick reference and take it to every tattoo party I work at outside of the shop. My clients find it to be very helpful when they are asking questions, or are unsure about what they want to pierce exactly. I am wondering if you have written anything in regards to dermals? I am now in training (self-taught just like with when I used your book to begin being a professional piercer) to begin offering them to my clients and would love any insight you could provide. Thanks again for being the BEST TEACHER I could of EVER asked for. Even how you wrote it made me feel completely at ease!!!! (As most know, when beginning as a piercer, one can feel alot of apprehension- but you made that all melt away in a snap!) Sincerely, Rae Jones


FANTASTIC site Elayne! :D



Im a piercer form Norway. I have now order your book and Im looking so much forward to read it.

Have a nice summer.


Paul Driskell

Looking forward to seeing you on next trip. I am now single and would love to partake at your b&b&p when you open.

Paul, My old buddy! Great to hear from you. Please email me at elayneangel[at] piercingbible[dot]com or hit the contact button on this website!

Shannon "TriXx" Messer
I just got my copy of The Piercing Bible. I can't put it down. I've been piercing for 6 years now and I have learned so much in that time. I learn more every day. I think I have learned more in the last few hours then i have in the last few years. The advise is amazing and it really makes you evaluate yourself and your practices! Thank you so much for writing it. I think i might pick up a few more copies for my shop so my customers can read it and be more informed!

My husband and I saw you NOLA June 2nd and I had a VCH and he got a frenum. Mine healed within a week and feels so amazing! And not to mention its beautiful, perfectly placed! Can't wait for you to come back as I think next I'll get my nipples done :) Thanks again for an amazing job!


Hi Elayne,You did my VCH in January at Prix in West Hollywood... and I absolutely love it (it's been responsible quite for a few insane orgasms... who knew!)  It healed so quickly and beautifully and I just think you did a perfect job.  Now I'm obsessing over a triangle piercing and can't wait to see you in LA come July to have it done and have you change my VCH jewelry.


You're awesome at what you do!



Hi Elayne, I first saw you on TLC's "Strange Sex." It seemed to me that you were extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and I did a TON of research on you, as well as your body modifications. I had been thinking of getting a VCH piercing for quite a while, and I had been checking out your website. I looked under your piercer referrals tab, and did some research on Didier Suarez at Enigma Professional Piercing. I booked my appointment, and I am so glad I did! He is an amazing piercer, and made me feel completely comfortable. I wasn't too scared about the pain of the piercing, just anxious about "spreading my junk to a stranger." My fears were unwarranted, I realize now, because Didier is awesome. Anyway, I really just want to thank you for recommending him, I am so glad that I got the VCH, and I love it so much more than I ever thought I would.


I wish I had found this site earlier. Now I know that almost each of my piercings was done incorrectly - but still I'm glad to have them anyway. I'm going to buy your book, in case not to get fooled again by countless unexperienced piercers round here. Thanks a lot! Wish I could be like you one day.


After lots of search on the net, I came across to your site and got access to piercingbible. its must have book for anyone looking for piercing. Actually there is so much misinformation [online as well as offline] about piercing. This book helps clear that. Its written in simple language and gives indepth information.

Elayne is no doubt expert in the field of piercing..

Thanks for the book and this blog


I saw the TLC show, "Strange Sex" featuring a segment with you and a lovely couple concerning genital piercings. I had never much considered body piercing; I have a few tattoos but the visible piercings would be a problem for work. (I would love to have a labret. So cute!)

Anyway, after the show I was so fascinated with the sexual enhancement aspect and having a super-secret piercing I was immediately all over your website and subsequently purchased your book. Also I very much appreciate it being available on all the major e-Reader platforms (sometimes Sony is left out, which is of course what I own)! After reading it I started researching piercers and found Kevin Jump at Piercology in Columbus, Ohio, whom I understand was a guest piercer at Rings of Desire. It was a two-hour drive, but TOTALLY worth it. I got my first piercing, a VCH, and am absolutely thrilled! I have "petite anatomy" as Kevin put it so unfortunately I wasn't suited for the triangle, which I thought I would enjoy, but so far I am loving what I've got! I am still healing but it looks perfect; I had a fantastic experience (and am sure to have many because of this!) and I just wanted to thank you because if not for your work I wouldn't have known anything about the world of body piercing.

As a medical professional, I admire the wealth of clinical knowledge shown in your book and your dedication to proper care. I hope to do my part to contribute to a wider acceptance of body piercing in the medical community, or at least as an acceptance of our patients' choices of expression and to its care. As a pharmacist I am often the first medical professional people see before they visit their physician, if they do that at all. I appreciate the straight-forward and medically appropriate care explained in your book, as they certainly don't teach much about that in school!

So, to you, Elayne, I extend a huge personal and professional thank you for excellence and commitment in your field. You would be an asset to any profession, including us stuffy medical types! THANKS!

Marley Cote

Hello Elayne,

I got my VCH piercing for my 18th birthday and it's really a thanks to you, this blog, the Piercing Bible and others who have the VCH piercing and shared their experiences. 

I was sexually abused for five years when i was a kid so my body never did feel like it was completely mine until my birthday (the 17th). I feel so liberated, new, fresh and like i finally have a choice with my body-- i never knew a piercing could make someone feel this way or could help me out much more than any therapist could. Whenever i have flashbacks, or memories of the abuse, i can just smile it off now because my body finally feels like it's MINE and no one will ever be able to take it away and abuse it again.

Body modification has helped me out so much these past two years with finding myself again and gaining a strong sense of self and i feel like i owe a big thank you to you. You've enlightened me a lot on piercing (I want to be a piercer one day in the future) and have helped me realize how liberating and renewing a piercing can be-- thank you so much for being there for everyone, for writing the Piercing Bible and for being so passionate about body modification (you're a true inspiration)!




Thanx so much for sharing all the info contained here!

Thanks for the feedback. But if you think there is a lot of information on this website, I know you'll be amazed at the wealth of facts and practical advice contained in my book, The Piercing Bible. It is over 300 pages of information about every aspect of piercing. To get a copy simply go to the right hand column on this page, select your shipping method from the drop-down menu, and click the "Buy Now" button....

Zandria Dunbar

I've never been into tattoos or piercings but after watching "Strange Sex" episode, I became very interest in genital piercings. I really want one now, a VCH for sure. I live in MS but I don't want anyone doing it here. Do you recommend anybody near by or in surrounding states that I could let do it?

All of my piercer referrals are on this page of this website: There is a piercer in New Orleans who I trained and worked with for over 10 years! I highly recommend him.

Heather C.

This site was very informative .... I am glad I thought twice and decided to do some research. 

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