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Elayne Angel

mike phillips

im in the middle of readying the piercing bible. this is one of the most informational books i have ever read on body mod. i even use a lot of it for my information board for clieents. thanx elayne.

Emily Spencer

I just had my VCH done by Elayne at Adornment Deluxe in Berkley MI. I have to say, the piercing was PAINLESS. A sudden prick, then over. It was done 14 days ago and not once did I feel any pain in the piercing. Elayne was amazing. She helped me relax and was so kind and talkative. She asked me questions about myself (which none of my piercers have ever done) and she signed my Piercing Bible and took a photo with me! So excited that I was able to have this piercing done by Elayne and to have finally met her in person. She is just wonderfull.

My piercing bible has helped me greatly to keep track of necessarily knowledge to keep myself and my body protected, and safely modified.

Thank you so much Elayne!!


Whether you're a piercing professional or enthusiast, this book is a 'must-have'. It's well structured and extremely informative. This book will guide you in the correct way to pierce. Thank you Elayne!

Sebastian Kinne

I had the pleasure of meeting you and seeing you work first hand at Adornment Deluxe in Detroit MI a week or so ago. I came in with my girlfriend Chelsea who received both a VCH and a Triangle piercing from you. As a professional piercer myself who has read your book 7 times over, keeps up on your articles in Tattoo Magazine, and is quite a fan of your work, the experience was quite an honor. When I was first offered my apprenticeship I was told that the best thing I could do before I got started into it was to pick up and read through a copy of "The Piercing Bible". I did so, had it read in a matter of days, and my mentor couldn't have been more right. I learned nearly all of my proper placements and techniques from the book (ie. nostril piercing equilateral triangle from the front and back of the nostril to the point of incision.). I still to this day reference your book quite frequently when explaining to clientele why I recommend placing piercings where I do and why I use certain methods as opposed to others. "The Piercing Bible" was and is the single most useful and handy tool for anyone genuinely interested in the industry both from a piercee and piercers stand point. Thank you so much for the experience and all of the help both directly and indirectly


Hi Everyone I want to let everybody know who wants a piercing and scared to get one, to go to Elayne her method is very fast and u don't feel any pain u probably just get startled that's it and it might sting for a second but she helps u with that. She makes u feel very comfortable and she answers all your questions it's over in seconds. I am so glad I went to Elayne so just to let everyone know your piercing does not have to be like them youtube videos make a smart decision and go to Elayne no pain just stings a little and it's over.


Elayne! What an amazing book you have and you've made me really do some research on piercings to expand my knowledge. Come to Boston so I can have the honor of letting you do all the work! Thank you for such thorough and helpful information!


Elayne when will you come to Charlotte, NC waiting on you.. Please keep intouch


I got a VCH piering from you yesterday. You are the BEST! You give off a very comforting vibe. A tight pinch was all I felt. Hope to get pierced again by you some day.

angry birds online

Wow you are AMAZING I am a little scared of getting a certain piercing but if I decide to get it done I would like you to do it just need to man up I know my girlfriend will love it


I loved the idea of a genital piercing and had been contemplating one for many, many years, but didn't know where to begin. (I live in a really rural area.) When I turned 50 this year, I decided now is the time! And so I preceded to do some internet research. Of course I quicky discovered Elayne's detailed website and found all the info I needed to give me the confidence to go for it; and checking her calendar, low and behold, Elayne's guest spot at Infinite Piercing in Philly just happened to coincide with some travels of mine. It was fate! I quickly booked an appointment, and am now proud to say that at 50 yrs old I have a VCH piercing! Elayne was a doll; warm yet professional and the whole thing was over so quickly. The healing has gone extremely well so far, and I look forward to test-driving my new piercing soon. (My husband is psyched! ;) Just want to encourage all you older women out there to follow your bliss! And if you have the good fortune to connect with Elayne like I did, all the better; you'll be in good hands. Elayne is a rock star, conquering the world one piercing at a time!!!



I just wished to express my thanks to the wonderful outline you gave in regards to VCH piercings as I'd wanted one done for some time now. A friend had hers done prior to mine and was frustrated by the lack of sensation and was directed to your site. As suspected, hers wasn't placed as it should have been and they used the wide open forceps that are generally seen used on eyebrow piercings, etc. (Huge gaping hole, looks more like tongs, rather than the forceps that appear to have an NRT type hole on both ends.)

Your site was a gold mine! I was able to make a much more educated decision on what I wanted to get and why, and spoke with my piercer who comes into town once every few months (he used to work at a local studio in Ottawa/In Living Colour, but now has his own in another city - Piercings by J @ Inksmith Tattoos in Guelph), so I bombarded him with questions based on your site.

I just had my piercing done yesterday and I couldn't have been happier! Now, while you, yourself, did not do the piercing, it's because of you that I was able to have what I was looking for...So again, you have my sincerest thanks!


- Jaqles


I just want to say thank you for providing such a wealth of piercing information. I did my due diligence beforehand, scouring the web for information and photos on VCH piercing. Your website not only gave me the information I sought, but also included photos of what it was supposed to look like and what it was NOT supposed to look like! That was so helpful! I used your referral list and visited Byriah Dailey at Texas Tattoo Emporium (downtown location). He is a terrific guy! He was very professional, gentle, and put me completely at ease. My piercing looks beautiful and I am so very pleased! I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Houston area. Thank you again, Elayne, for your dedication to providing easily accessible, thorough and accurate piercing information.

Jennifer Jackson

I think you are awesome! My husband and I have a list of piercings we want, we already have a few! But we would love to have you do them! Is there any chance you might be coming close to VA? Anytime!! We need a VCH a frenum, naval, eyebrow, and maybe a nipple piercing. Richmond, or VA Beach are both great places to consider coming too!! Thanks, Jennifer


This website opened my eyes!! I never realized that there were so many different types of female piercings. I am seriously thinking of getting a piercing now!! Thank you Elayne for educating the public and making this information easily accessible.


Elayne is amazing. Such a great communicator. I felt completely at ease when I had my nipples pierced by her. From the minute we started to talk about the piercing, I knew I was in good hands. And throughout, I always knew what to expect. It was a fantastic time. I have never had a better piercing experience.

Thank you so much!! I love them!!



Elayne is VERY helpful and informative. She helped me with my VCH issues. If youu If you need advice on a piercing, ask Elayne!

gábor zagyvai

i love this book very much, you can find every important aspects of body piercings in it! i cant read it enough


Wow. Opened my eyes to the beauty and skill of your profession. I live in UK and not got the gutts [or the money probably!] but couldn;t leave this site without showing my appreciation.


I just read the article you posted on saline soak. To anyone who hasn't tried it, please do. Regular soaks have helped me through the healing of my frenum ladder and are now providing comfort and relief to my newly acquired apadravya. The only word I can use to describe "the soak" is soothing. I'd like to thank you one more time for my most intense piercing experience to date! Keep up the incredible work. Love and miss you, ray

Cali KJ

Hi Elayne,

It was my pleasure to meet you this past week at Prix on Sunset in West Hollywood. You and the Prix team made my piercing very easy. I wanted to share thoughts for women that might be considering...

Firstly prior to my piercing I contacted Elayne, and she was a dear and answered all of my questions. I also followed her pre- piercing recommendations and cut out several herbal vitamin that contained ingredients that were on Elayne's list of things not to have - and yes that included wine. I also purchased a complete multivitamin with vitamin K and iron to build my body's immunity and over all health. And I purchased vitamin C for post piercing health. The day of the piercing, I did take Tylenol (an approved pain killer.) I think all of these recommendations really helped to get my body physically prepared.

The day of the piercing, the Prix staff was great. Prix is immaculately clean. Elayne is very professional and knowledgeable, and she explained every step of the process from paperwork, to sterilization, to what she was doing and why. The entire process from prep to my leaving Prix, including jewelry purchase took one hour. The actual piercing was swift and took less than a minute. After there were thoughtful freebies, including sea salt, organic lubricant for sex, and a panty liner just in case. As I told Elayne, my private piercing was easier than my navel piercing! I left the studio with absolutely no discomfort.

I think the before care and after care that Elayne gives is critical to such an intimate piercing. I was able to resume my normal sexual activity within 72 hours; although I have taken oral sex off the table until being completely healed. My piercing looks great, I feel great, and I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to be pierced by one of the best.

Thanks so much Elayne, I appreciate you.

Continued blessings and success!

One last tip - travel size lotion bottles with wide opening work perfectly gor soaking on the go.

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