Clitoris Piercing

Clitoris piercing


This is a clitoris piercing, also called a clitoral glans piercing or "clit piercing." It is quite rare.

This is not a clitoral hood piercing; those are very common. For photos and more information about hood piercings and other options for women, visit the Female Genital Piercings page

To determine suitability for a clitoris piercing, I need to see a photo of the area at rest with no distortion, and one with the hood pulled back to expose the clitoris to its base (see the set of photos just below).

Note that not all of the piercers on my referrals page do clitoral glans piercings.

I regularly pierce at fine studios in the U.S., and I specialize exclusively in nipple and genital piercings for all genders. Click the link for information on booking an appointment with me.








Anatomy at restClitoris ExposedThe woman at left is not a good candidate for a clitoral glans piercing. At rest, her clitoris is tucked back, hidden against her body (instead of resting openly exposed), and it does not apear large enough.











Showing the clitoris with hood pulled back

The woman at left looks too small built to be a good candidate, but this is an excellent view of a fully exposed clitoris. If her hood covers her clitoris when she releases the tissue, that also means she is not well suited to a clit piercing.









Prominent Clitoris (with VCH piercing)The woman at left has a larger, more prominent clitoris, but the way the hood covers the sides of it could cause pressure against the jewelry, resulting in pain and possibly migration.








Clitoris Piercing Candidate


The the image left shows a woman who is more suitably built for a clitoral piercing. The configuration is with a protruding clitoral glans and a loose hood. She is a good candidate. Image below shows a pierced clitoris and multiple outer labia piercings.














Clitoris piercing and multiple=Clitoris Piercing: 4-6 week healing time

This is a very rare piercing, and it is serious business. It should be attempted only by a highly experienced master. The vast majority of women who request them actually want a clitoral hood piercing. Of the women who request an actual clitoris piercing, and know what they are asking, approximately 90-95% are not suitably built. Absoulutely vital in clitoris piercing is to pierce ONLY women with the ideal anatomy. This is not an area to take chances.

Most women posses a clitoris that is too small to withstand a piercing. Of those who are large enough, most women have hood tissue that fits too tightly or heavily over the clitoris. The clitoris must be large and easily exposed to be safe to pierce and to heal.

Even for a well developed clitoris,16 gauge jewelry is the most common starting size. If the clitoris itself isn’t able to be clamped, either from being too small, or from the process being too intense for the piercee, then you aren't a good candidate.

For those women who are built for it, a clitoris piercing is an intense experience. There is no doubt about an increase in sensation. There is also usually some development to the tissue, resulting in increased size on most women.

This one is best left in the fantasy realm for most. If your clitoris is not large and protruding, you're not a good candidate. If you wish to be evaluated for suitability for this particular piercing, please sign up for an anatomy consultation and include at least two photos of yourself:

• One with your hood at rest.
• One with it fully retracted.

Putting something like a coin in the images for scale reference is helpful.

If you won't be getting pierced by me, please CAREFULLY check the qualifications of the piercer you select! Many piercers do a shockingly poor job on clitoral hood piercings, and can really damage you with a badly done clitoris (or hood) piercing!