The Piercing Bible in Russia!

I received this message from a Facebook friend who lives in Russia. He managed to get a copy of The Piercing Bible there, but it wasn't easy:

Subject: Greetings from Russia Yeah, it's really hard to bring ANYTHING from ANY country to Russia because of famous russian stupid customs and their idiot rules... jewelry, books, t-shirts, silicone implants - everything they could mark as "illegal enclosure" and send back... sometimes - just for fun : ( Your book is amazing! I know many people in US and Europe who read Piercing Bible as reference book, and I do the same. That's great for professionals (and hope for "normal" people too : )) because you could open it on any page and start read from any point! I like your book very much : ) One day I will visit my friend Jason Pfohl (from Gorilla Glass) in Mexico, so I think it wouldn't be a problem to meet each other! : ) Have a nice day, Elayne! --------------------

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it! And after hearing how hard it is to get things there, I'm happy it arrived at all. I hope to meet you some day. If you have any questions that aren't answered in The Piercing Bible, let me know.

Questions About Cheek Piercings

I had an exchange with a reader about cheek piercings:

Hello im Jessica from the UK. I have recently had my cheeks pierced by my partner who is a proffesional body piercer for purely piercing in the UK. We read your story about your cheeks and i took it all into account. I did lots of other research especially on BME. We understood the complications but i have wanted them done since i was 12 im now 18. He pierced them perfectly no further back then the first molar like you said. I picked up your book today to have a snoop at how long they will stay swollen i had them dont on halloween they've already started to go down :). But i was quite annoyed when i looked into your book and all it said was cheeks are unrecomendible and your worst story. this was NOT the information i expected from someone as good as you. Please get in touch with some information you didn't place in the book. thank you,

I replied: Jessika, After what happened to me I can't recommend that cheek piercings be done. If your piercings in front of the first molar, then you can consider them lip piercings and refer to the information in pages 111-117. The bulk of initial swelling should be down in the first 2-4 weeks, though some swelling could remain for longer. If you have other specific questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. What did you want to know. Elayne Her surprised and much more pleasant response to me (admitting that she didn't think I'd respond):

New Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting Jed Ryan of when he came to my book signing at LeRoi Manhattan in June. He's a super sweetheart. He kept in touch and recently posted a review of The Piercing Bible and an interview he did with me on his blog. You can read them here. Thanks Jed!

Clitoris Pumping with a VCH Piercing?

I received a piercing-related question that I hadn't heard before:

I got a VCH piercing two weeks ago and was just wondering if you know anything about clit pumping after a piercing? I've looked on the web but can't find anything about it. Sincerly, Sarah

My response: Hi Sarah, You'd certainly need to wait for a few months before attempting any pumping as it puts a rather intense pressure on the tissue. The piercing should be very well healed. Obviously you need to have a pump that fits over the jewelry to get a good seal--but that shouldn't be an issue is you're wearing average-sized jewelry. Have you done pumping previously? If so, then you already should have familiarity with how it feels and how the process works. So you'd just need to add some awareness of your piercing and if there is any soreness or discomfort, you should ease up or stop.

Fantastic Feedback

I just received this wonderful message from a Facebook friend who is a piercer:

We've met a few times, usually after a class you taught at APP [Conference]. i have a ton of respect for you. i think your willingness and ability to teach (and at such an amazing level to reach so many people) is really admirable. thank your for being such a positive force in our industry!! keep rockin it elayne!

That was very sweet and lovely that she took the time to tell me. So often people take the time and energy to write something when they've got a complaint rather than a compliment, so I really appreciate it!

Great Piercing Story

I received this great story from a piercer who is also a member of the Association of Professional Piercers:

I really wanted to share this moment of cuteness with you: The other day I pierced a little girl's ears for her 7th birthday. She was so smart I didn't even know what think about it! When I asked her and her parents how they found out about the dangers of piercing guns, they pointed to the daughter. She told me about her friends' ears getting infected, and she wanted to know why that happened. When looking for answers, she discovered the APP (that is what brought them to our shop in the end). I was amazed when I was explaining aftercare, and she would explain to me how everything I told her was different that what her friends did, and that's why they must have had problems. Then, to top it all off- she says, totally unprovoked "when I'm president, I'm going to make piercing guns illegal"..! It was the most amazing and probably the cutest thing I've ever heard out of a little girl's mouth. I was even more amazed when she looked in the mirror, and mentioned how red her new piercings were. Before I could say anything, she said, "It's because all the blood is going to it to make it heal"......!!!! Something about this gives me faith in what we do and the next generation of piercees. Hope this puts a smile on your face too! much love- Cj @TRX

Wow! How awesome is that! What a smart little girl--and her parents are pretty sharp too, because they listened to her. I almost wonder if that little girl was "misbehaving" the same way I did, back when I was a little girl: reading under the covers at night with a flashlight, when I was supposed to be asleep. She must have gotten a hold of a copy of The Piercing Bible!

Interview with Elayne Angel

I did an interview for a site called It is a free website for writers, authors and others who'd like to promote themselves, get free publicity for their work, increase visitors to their websites and to help sell their services, work and books. Freelance writers and authors can post articles, press releases, book excerpts, for hire info and other materials, all of which will be syndicated across the web. At the same time is also a resource for publishers, webmasters, businesses and other interested parties who are looking to hire writers, authors  and speakers for various writing and speaking engagements. It's all good! CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW HERE.

The Piercing Bible--REPRINTED!

I just found out from my editor, Lisa, that The Piercing Bible was reprinted last month! She said,

"The fabulous news is that we reprinted the book last month. Not only does this mean that your royalty statements will be revving up, but also it’s good news for sales levels in general since it means we sold through the first print run in under a year."

Well, not only did we sell out the first print run in under a year, it was actually under half a year: The Piercing Bible came out in May, and it was reprinted in September! She also told me that less than 25% of those copies have sold through standard bookstores and over 75% of the sales came through alternative venues like online or specialty shops. She encouraged me:

"So all of your efforts are helping to contribute to the main piece of the sales—whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!"

I'm so delighted!!!

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